10 Great Things To Do in NYC!

I was lucky enough to venture to the amazing city of New York TWICE this year. Once with my school and once with my family. Both were very different but amazing trips. I can truly say I love New York. We did a mixture of tourist activities but also went to places off-the-beaten-track. Most of my activities are apparently based around food and coffee! Here are a few things I did in the small amount of time I spend in New York and would recommend to anyone who was going there for their first few times. 1) Visit the empire state It goes without a doubt the Empire State Building is amazing! I came with at least 500 photos from here. Absolutely stunning views! The queues are relatively small during the day however at night when my school went, we queued for 2 hours! Pick you times wisely. 2) Visit the cookie dó café This popular cookie dough café is a must visit whenever you find yourself in New York. You can find this quaint and unique café in Soho,

About Me

Hi! My name is Juliette and I'm still in full time education. Sigh. However, I love to travel and write.  i haven't travelled to many places (yet) but the places I have been to are amazing and I cannot wait to explore the rest of the world and hopefully write a little on the way too. I decided to start a blog because it seems to be a great place to share my experience with people who actually want to listen! (or read?)  I can't claim to be a great writer and I defiantly can't claim to know what I'm doing either. But hopefully I will grow and learn and explore.  The few places I have travelled to are; Lanzarote, Belgium, Florida, Berlin and most recently New York City! Thanks for reading!